Shadows of Doubt Closed Alpha

Welcome to the Shadows of Doubt Closed Alpha sign-up page! Please take a moment to read each question below carefully and answer to the best of your abilities.

Once you’ve answered all questions and submit your registration, you’ll be in with a chance to be selected to participate in the Closed Alpha.
If you are selected to participate in the Closed Alpha you will be informed via email, so please make sure you have access to the email address you provide.
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Do you have a headset that could be used when testing the game?
“This is required because you may need to converse with support if needed”*

Are you willing to provide feedback of 1 hour? *

It is estimated that the test will take place between 17th May to 1st June. Dates may change, however, at present Is there anything that would stop you taking part between those dates?*

Our testing partner Go Testify will be assisting you throughout the process from setting up to taking part. In order to do so they require permission to communicate with you directly.
“I understand that Sold Out is partnering with Go Testify and Go Testify will assist me to take part in this test going forward. If successful, I allow permission for Go Testify on behalf of Sold Out to contact me via email in relation to this playtest only.”

This playtest is going to be conducted under an NDA. This requires all players to not share any of the content via any medium without explicit permission from Sold Out. To read the full NDA, please click the below Link:
Games Testing NDA
“I understand that this test is going to be happening under the discretion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, where I will be expected to adhere to the terms and conditions set within.
By checking this box I agree to comply with the aforementioned NDA.”