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At Sold Out we work with some of the world’s leading lights in development. 

Whether you are a team who have decades of experince creating iconic games or you are just starting your journey, Sold Out provides expertise that allows you to focus on the most important thing, making an truly great game!

One of Europe’s leading games developers, Rebellion is the studio behind hit games such as Sniper Elite 3, Sniper Elite V2, Zombie Army Trilogy, Aliens vs. Predator, Rogue Trooper, Joust Legend, Zombie HQ, Star Wars Battlefront and more!

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Team17 Digital Ltd. is one of the world’s longest surviving, fully independent video game developer and publisher. 

Founded in 1990, the company is best known for its Worms series of games.

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Frontier’s founder David Braben’s work in games started way back in 1982 when David co-authored the seminal game “Elite”.

Frontier has built a uniquely diverse track record comprising games that have defined genres, been critically acclaimed and sold many millions of copies.

We strive to make games that will put both Frontier and the games industry itself at the forefront of the world entertainment industry.

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Toadman Interactive is a Swedish game development studio located in the tech heavy city of Stockholm.

Founded in 2013, with a team whose members have worked on Fable, Just Cause, Warhammer: Vermintide, Killing Floor, Riddick and Battlefield.

Their core focus is to bring high quality RPG games to PC and Consoles.

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Double Eleven is an indie-friendly developer and publisher of video games. As a developer they have a tremendous amount of experience, and a publisher they have an equal amount of respect for the process. Their philosophy is simply that; great people + great environment = the best chance of making a game people will enjoy.

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Stainless Games is an established videogame developer creating cutting-edge games on all main platforms. Best known as the creative force behind the multi-million selling Carmageddon franchise, Stainless is an established UK developer with a track record of delivering quality.

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Versus Evil is focused solely on the independent game developer.

We provide the business edge, so you can focus on the important stuff – making the games you want to make.

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