No Straight Roads

Take back Vinyl City – with rock!

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Developer: Metronomik
Rating ESRB: Everybody 10+
Rating PEGI: 12

Embark on a music-based action-adventure as indie rock band members Mayday & Zuke and lead a musical revolution against EDM empire No Straight Roads.
After being unfairly rejected in their audition to join No Straight Roads, Mayday & Zuke uncover the evil intentions behind the NSR empire. It’s now down to them to save their city from corruption. Enjoy fast & frenetic combat with a musical twist as these two aspiring rock artists fight back with the power of music!

Key features

A unique music-based action-adventure game that puts music & sound at the heart of the gameplay.
Music is power! Fight an evil empire & lead the musical revolution to take back control of Vinyl City.
Two playable characters, Mayday & Zuke, each with their own music-based weapons and attacks.
An action-adventure with a musical twist. Players can attack, jump and move freely while enemies attack to the beat of the music.
Change the world – with music! Harness the power of music to transform props into weapons and shift between rock & EDM in a seamless and dynamic manner.
Experience 8 extraordinary levels inspired by different genres of music.
Defeat giant, memorable bosses with unique personalities.
An energetic soundtrack filled with awesome music.
Upgrade your skill tree to improve your abilities & defeat NSR.

Action Adventure
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store
Out Now! (Nintendo Switch 15th September)