Imp of the Sun

Bring back the light to the sun’s empire in this 2D fast-paced action-platformer game inspired by Peruvian cultures.

Developer: Sunwolf Entertainment
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Imp of the Sun is 2D platformer game that combines fast paced action and a unique Peruvian influenced art style and soundtrack. You play as the Imp, a creature made by the sun’s last spark with the mission to restore its power… before it’s too late.
Game Features
Put an end to the Eternal Eclipse

Life cannot go on without the sun’s power. Stolen ages ago by the Four Keepers, they hid it in the distant corners of the sun’s empire, never to be found.With its dying breath/spark, the sun creates the Imp and sends him to these lands to bring back the light and restore the balance in the empire’s sun.

Use your inner fire to overcome anything!

As the Imp of the Sun, you have a glimpse of the power of the sun. It’s enough to battle most of the enemies but you will have to improve them along the way to face the Four Keepers. Gain power, abilities and refine your skills.

A reminiscent hand-crafted world

From the bright peaks of the Andean mountains to dark depths of thew underworld. From the dry desserts in the north to the dense Amazonian jungles in the east.
Every corner and creature of the sun’s empire is hand-drawn and crafted with detail. Its style is a reference and mix of the different civilizations that once roamed and ruled Peru.

Explore, collect and learn

Our ancestors used to record their history through artifacts called “quipus”. Collect them to unveil a long forgotten past: the story behind the Eternal Eclipse. Also, there are 21 unique items hidden in the world. Each one of them is based on real relics from the Andean cultures.

The sun still needs you!

Imp of the Sun is built to be played again and again and again as you learn to control better the imp and understand its power. There are different play modes and you can set record times to compete against other players.

More features…

Play with fire! You are a son of the Sun, and can wield the Sun’s scorching power

Streamlined gameplay built for fluid movement and combo-based combat

Unique Peruvian-influenced art style and soundtrack, inspired by real-world relics of the Andean culture

Experience five unique and punishing bosses in any order you choose, each with their own complex mechanics and backstory

Never stop getting better!

IOTS is built to be played and re-played, as players learn how to better control the Imp and its powers, and navigate the environments

Play Eclipse Mode for the truest experience in a darkened kingdom — all areas are shrouded in total darkness until explored by the Imp. Veterans only!

2-D Action-platformer
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