Epic Chef is coming to consoles!

Food fights are on the menu as Sold Out joins forces with Team17 to launch Epic Chef on consoles later this year! Alongside the PC version, this quirky narrative-driven adventure will be making its way onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, with both boxed and digital editions. 

Developed by Infinigon Games, Epic Chef sets you on a delicious quest to become the best chef in the kingdom, taking down master chefs in culinary combat along the way. Play as Zest, new to the city of Ambrosia, as you craft and experiment with thousands of wacky ingredient combinations, creating the very best (and worst!) dishes imaginable.

Epic Chefblends together several different video game genres to serve up a unique recipe for players to enjoy. Adding farming, foraging, and food fighting to the mix, Ambrosia offers loads of mouth-watering activities to help Zest conquer the cooking competition. And when the kitchen gets a little too hot, you can visit the spa, try your hand at fishing, or even make friends with the locals!

Keep your eyes peeled; Epic Chef will be coming fresh from the oven in 2021.To catch all the latest Epic Chef news, join the community on FacebookTwitter and Discord.

Published: 29th March 2021