Kickstarter smash War for the Overworld signed for physical release by Sold Out

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11 September 201  Independent developer Subterranean Games has today announced that its hugely anticipated dungeon management game War for the Overworld will be available in-store as a special ‘Underlord Edition’, thanks to leading PC publisher Sold Out.

The game – which raised over £210,000 via Kickstarter last year – is a brand new vision for the strategy and god game genres, marrying old-school gameplay with ultra modern bells and whistles. Drawing influences from classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius, Starcraft and Overlord, it’s a fiendishly addictive strategy game where players assume the role of a malevolent Underlord with an insatiable desire for bloody conquest.  

The ‘Underlord Edition’ – which will be available in stores day and date with the digital version – will offer collectors something to cherish. This version will also feature additional content alongside the core game, including soundtrack, digital artbook and 2 additional dungeon themes.

“Subterranean Games’ massive success with its Kickstarter campaign underlines the powerful desire that exists out there for the next big dungeon management game,” says James Cato, Sales Director at Sold Out. “The team has put an unbelievable amount of time, effort and passion into making sure War for the Overworld will more than satisfy that demand – and we’re delighted to be able to work with them to bring together a special edition which will retain pride of place in any collection.”

“The positive reaction to our Kickstarter campaign was overwhelming, and we continue to have a fantastic ongoing relationship with our backers and early access customers.” says Josh Bishop, Subterranean Games. “But we were also determined to cater for the core audience of PC gamers who still prefer collecting boxed copies of their games. Sold Out are the perfect partner to help with that. ”

“This is yet another fantastic addition to the Sold Out portfolio,” adds James Cato. “As we have shown recently with games like Worms Battlegrounds, we’re thriving by bringing digital hits to the physical market. As collectors ourselves, we understand the appeal of being able to display a collection, and War for the Overworld will soon be able to sit proudly alongside the very best PC games.”

War for the Overworld will be available in a number of territories including: UK, Europe, Australia New Zealand & South Africa in Q1 2015.

War for the Overworld is being distributed in these territories by Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited.  For any physical sales inquiries, please contact: or visit the website

“War for the Overworld” is a registered trademark and copyright of Subterranean Games Ltd –



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