The Publishing Process

The Developer

You can make your game with or without us. However, we aim to show you how to ensure that your games can become a greater success by partnering together.

We can lighten the load and Sold Out can direct you along the paths of “discovery”, helping with the heavy lifting in the publishing process, extending the life cycle of your release whilst also ensuring that all possible revenue streams are maximised.

The Publisher

Crucial factors such as QA, Localisation, Age Ratings & distribution all need to be considered and planned effectively before your title is released.

The publishing process is a complex one (as seen by the graph below). We’ll guide you along some of these processes so it becomes much easier for you to become your own publisher.

Publishing Flow Chart HD

You retain the creative control, we help lighten the load and guide you to success. With our knowledge and expertise we’ll get your title on store shelves around the world over whilst getting your title listed on all the major digital distribution platforms”

With the latest NPD data showing that “74% of gamers still prefer games on disc over download” Boxed publishing still rules the roost. There really is no substitute to touch, feel and hand to someone. It’s a special feeling seeing your game in a box.